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Lugard is your vehicle management assistant primarily saddled with the responsibility of ensuring your vehicle documents are in sync with regulatory requirement via its reminder and renewal functions. Lugards' functions are dependent on the information provided by you about your vehicle(s).

To access Lugards' features, you need to sign up and create a user account. Upon successfully signing up, you can create your fleet by registering your vehicle(s) and setting up reminders on statutory vehicle usage documents: Vehicle license, Insurance, Hackney Permit & Road Worthiness. The reminders set will prompt you a month to the expiry of each reminder via your contact details and also give you the option of instant renewal

Lugards reminder feature is free for all users but the renewal service is a paid service.Delivery of renewed vehicle documents is also paid for and it is currently priced at a flat rate of 1000 across the country.

Lugards reminder service is available in all 36 states and FCT, Abuja while its renewal service is available for 3rd party insurance across the country while the other statutory documents renewal is available in Lagos state currently. Other states will be on boarded shortly. n.

Costs of vehicle documents renewal vary from document to document and state to state. The current rate shows when a reminder is set for a particular vehicle document. If there is a change in the cost of renewal as at when your renewal is due, you will be notified of this change via an email/ phone call

Payments for vehicle documents renewal is done online via a secured 3rd party payment service provider and has capacity for cards payment and bank transfers

Electronic delivery of renewed documents takes place within 48 hours of payment while physical delivery is done within 96 hours during working hours, Monday - Friday. There is no pick up option for Lugard

On hold is a cost saving feature in delivery of renewed documents. Renewed document(s) is withheld until the expiry and consequent renewal of the last document when it has a different expiry date from others. This in turn saves the cost of delivery of each document independently . The e-copies of renewed documents will still be sent within 48 hours

Your delivery address is the location at which you will like/ be available to receive original copies of your renewed vehicle documents. your delivery address maybe the same as your registered address. If a delivery address isn't added while making payment, the address on record will be used as delivery address

Lugard does not carry out fresh vehicle registration

Lugard is a private platform owned/operated by Moore Auto works



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